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The 12 Days of Kitschmas
  Welcome to the Ship of Fools annual roundup of truly covetable gifts for Kitschmas. Twelve righteous and deserving products, plus a booby prize for the 13th day, sourced by members of our bulletin boards. Read, click and be blessed. Also read about kitsch and true religion in our Christ vs. kitsch feature.  
Flogging Jesus lights   Mosque Clock   Narnia Bookends   Crucifix mirror light
Flogging Lights   Mosque Clock   Narnia Bookends   Crucifix Mirror
Jesus poker chips   iBelieve lanyard   Miracle Wheel   Nativity kitchen timer
Faith Chips   iBelieve   Miracle Wheel   Nativity Timer
Cross-shaped cards   Wait Wear   Mood Cross   Jesus bamboo curtain
Cross Cards   Wait Wear   Mood Cross   Jesus Curtain
Heroes of Atheism Mug            
Darwin Mug            
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