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The 12 Days of Kitschmas
10: Wait Wear
Wait Wear
Teens just love Wait Wear. Once they've decided they want to save themselves for marriage, they buy some suitably chaste undies from Wait Wear which proudly proclaim: "No Vow No Sex", or "I'm Saving It!" or "Traffic Control: Wait for Marriage". Then, when their boyfriend or girlfriend asks why they're all reluctant, they simply unzip their jeans and let their underwear do the talking.

Or is there a flaw here somewhere?

Alongside its regular offerings of t-shirts and hoodies, Wait Wear is now selling "Chaste Couture" hot shorts (in black spandex) and a thong that "looks, feels and fits like no other" (see below). So, no total and utter contradiction of their central message there, then.

May we humbly suggest a new slogan for Wait Wear's passion-killing panties? "If You're Reading This, I've Changed My Mind About That Abstinence Thing."

Click here to order!

Wait Wear
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