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The 12 Days of Kitschmas
13: Heroes of Atheism Mug
Darwin mug
Why should the Lord have all the best rubbish? If holy cheese isn't your cup of tea, perhaps a godless cuppa would go down better. Drink a toast to the heroes of the faithless.

Each unholy mug is decorated with the unholy mug of (some might say) an unholy mug. Choose between the prophetic beard of Charles Darwin, the crusading glint of Richard Dawkins, or bloke-off-the-telly Carl Sagan. Just plonk it on your desk and wait for an opportunity to bear witness to your unbelief.

Though currently out of stock, the full set of six sells for an unbelievable 29.95. Coming soon, no doubt: the dead fish lapel badge and What Would Bertrand Russell Do? wristband.

Click here for more info!
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