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The 12 Days of Kitschmas
5: Faith Chips
Hardie, Burns and other great icons of the early UK Labour movement must be roasted to a frazzle in their non-conformist graves. For it is a Labour government (say it again with Kinnock v. Hatton emphasis, "a Labour government...") which has allowed Britain to share the joy of super-casinos – open 24 hours a day and boasting 1,250 jackpot gaming machines.

It was Harold Wilson who suggested the Labour movement owed more to Methodism than Marx but, thanks to Tessa Jowell's gambling act, casino culture is here to stay, in spite of strong protests from all Christian traditions. So, using the if-you-can't-beat-them-convert-them argument, let's all celebrate the imminent spread of gambling addiction, broken families and debt-driven suicide by buying these sanctified poker chips.

If you've still got $0.99 left, that's all "Don't Gamble With Eternity" will cost you.

Click here to order!

Thanks to Louise for finding this gadget.
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