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The 12 Days of Kitschmas
4: Crucifix Mirror Light
Here's the perfect stocking-chiller for Count Dracula. While the ornate frame with fancy gilt scrollwork will remind him of his beloved Transylvania, the curiously shaped mirror will completely puzzle him, since Dracula's image never appears in a mirror. Imagine his horror, then, when he touches the frame and the glass suddenly lights up to reveal a hidden crucifix!

Startle your guests, vampires or not, by hanging the Crucifix Mirror Light in your hallway. Give them a sudden, unexpected blessing as they check for spinach between their teeth, only to see Jesus bathed in an unearthly light.

14 inches high, only $29.95, batteries not included. Not advisable for people who are easily triggered into a Toronto Blessing attack.

Click here to order!

Thanks to Marmot for finding this gadget.
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