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Our top 10 gadgets for the Pope
In honor of the Holy Father's recent Holy Tour of America, Ship of Fools reverently presents the essential guide to the top 10 must-have papal souvenirs, on sale now at a website near you. Here's the shopping list...
178: Pope Cake
pope cake
Pope John Paul II attained new heights of spirituality when he was declared to be one of the Dessert Fathers. He made the pilgrimage to cakemaker Pan Ducale back in 1985, and ever since the Pope Cake has been bringing a little taste of heaven to multitudes. And at 330 calories per sanctified slice, Dolce del Papa is very likely helping multitudes toward an early visit to heaven, too.

Says the manufacturer: "The Dessert of the Pope, a chocolate almond roll, has the honor of being one of the few edible items (outside the host) approved by the Church." Eat and be blessed for only 5,700 lira (that's just $3.00) per Pope Cake.

Thanks to James Barrett for spotting this mouthwatering item.

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