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Our top 10 gadgets for the Pope
In honor of the Holy Father's recent Holy Tour of America, Ship of Fools reverently presents the essential guide to the top 10 must-have papal souvenirs, on sale now at a website near you. Here's the shopping list...
171: The Pope's Pilsener
pope caganer
Holy wine is so last papacy. Since 19th April 2005, when Papa Benny ascended the Papal Throne, a fine German beer has become the favoured glug of the Catholic Church, and judging by the "morning after" eyes on the side of the box shown above, it's going down powerfully well.

"We consider it to be our obligation to appreciate the election of a Bavarian Pope in a Bavarian way," says brewery Weideneder Bräu, which is local to where young Joe Ratzinger grew up. "The Pope’s Beer is a festival beer of highest quality containing only exquisite raw materials, presenting a mild character and a light colour, brewed strictly in accordance with the German beer purity law." Well... er... amen to that.

Is Benny's Beer as fine a tipple as He'brew, "the chosen beer"? There's only one way to find out. Order your own box today – only 24.99 Euros for 12 bottles!

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