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The 12 Days of Kitschmas
From the Jesus Fairy Christmas tree topper to the Lord of the Kings jigsaw puzzle... from the glowing crucifix phone cover to the Virgin Mary Bobblehead... we offer you this year's 12 Days of Kitschmas, for the best bad taste religious gifts. Click and ponder on our Top 12 and discover again the True Meaning™ of Christmas.
Jesus Fairy Crucifix Cover Bobble Head Mary Lord of the Kings
1. Jesus Tree Topper   2. Crucifix Cover   3. Bobblehead Mary   4. Lord of the Kings
Teresa Figurine   Jesus Ashtray     Glow grave
5. Teresa Figurine   6. Jesus Ashtray   7. Flying Cathedral   8. Glow Grave
Well Done Dude!   Nail ornament   Frisbee of faith   Jesus Saves billboard
9. "Well Done Dude"   10. Nail Ornament   11. Frisbee of Faith   12. Model Billboard

This year's list is a true shipmates' affair – picked from dozens of offerings on the bulletin boards. And now, finally, we can announce the winner of the 50/$75 Amazon gift voucher for the winning entry. Click here for the winner and other contributors, and click here for the winner's gracious acceptance speech.
Spotted a product which might make a worthy addition to Gadgets for God? Click here to tell us about it.

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