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8. Glow Grave
8. Glow grave

"O dark, dark dark," moaned poet TS Eliot. "They all go into the dark."

Well, not any more! Now, your going hence can be every bit as bright as your coming hither with the Glow Grave. Give your loved ones a space-age resting place, all stainless steel, microchips and light pollution, and prevent satanists scraping their shins as they cavort in midnight cemeteries.

Best of all, instead of an epigraph carved in stone, it's on an LED display. This, the Austrian makers explain, means that "the text can be always modified over a PC interface and be adapted to a certain extent to the needs of the dead one". How exactly the dead are supposed to communicate their changing needs is left to the imagination. "Hi. Sorry to spook you. It's just this stuff about 'Husband, father and moody bastard'..."

"Out with granite, in with eternal light!" boasts the brochure. You thought you needed salvation, and all along you just needed solar power. Click here for your very own Glow Grave!

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