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2. Crucifix Phone Cover
2. Crucifix phone cover

Is your mobile phone a testimony to the wondrousness of His grace? Well it should be. Let the world (or at least your train compartment) see Jesus, in all his flashing, multicoloured glory, with the crucifix phone cover.

In laser-cut silver, the LED passion of Our Lord flashes blue, green, orange, purple and white. Now you can ensure that your conversations are washed in the blood of the Lamb for only $49.95. The crucifix phone cover says, "The Lord Jesus gave his life for your sins, and your mum's on the line."

"Picture do not do the justice!" claim the makers. "The actual item is much nicer and brighter (GUARANTEED)." With this hi-tech devotional aide memoir, you'll be talking at cross purposes (in a very real sense) forevermore.

Sadly, this item has been withdrawn from eBay... but watch this space for news.

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