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5. Blessed Teresa Figurine
5. Blessed Teresa figurine

We all know from our Children's Illustrated Bibles that Jesus was a white blue-eyed Anglo-Saxon hippy, though we could tell he lived overseas and a long time ago, because he wore a dressing gown and white nightie in the middle of the day.

Christian illustrators had the same colourblindness with everyone. Patriarchs from Persia, prophets from Joppa and saints from north Africa all looked like nice boys from Weston Super Mare.

In that noble tradition, we bring you the Mother Teresa and White Baby Figurine. Blessed Ma T may have sacrificed all to live among the starving in India, but surely her real soft spot was for gleaming white babies of the West. It warms your heart to see hers go out to this child, condemned to a life of junk food obesity, student debt and congestion charges.

Blessed Teresa can be yours for only $42. Click and be blessed!

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