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mark howe
creativity and ownership in a digital age
Mark Howe is co-author of Creativity and Ownership in a Digital Age
hubris 2
To judge from the media, the Internet has an exciting future. Several different futures a week, on average. The Internet is a gift for armchair futurologists because they can see it all from the comfort of their armchairs. Web 2.0, cloud computing, semantic web... terms such as these are vitally important for web futurology, because they sound impressive. But they are so badly defined, they can be stuck onto pretty much any prediction.

Will the whole world soon be Twittering? How are plans for the paperless office going? Does anyone know what cloud computing means? Are we all about to forsake friendship, procreation and pub quizzes in order to invent new identities on the Internet? In a field dominated by opinionated ranting, this column aims to bring you more opinionated ranting, and maybe the occasional reality check, too.


> Turning the IT clock back 30 years – As the adrenaline subsides after the death of Steve Jobs, Mark Howe takes a critical look at his work (October 2011)


> I get Twitter, but it won't get me – I don't intend to jump on every bandwagon going because, ultimately, the result is akin to being torn apart by wild horses (July 2009)
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