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andrew rumsey
Find a brief biog of Andrew Rumsey here
strangely warmed

> Nothing like a journey – Journey has become the answer you can give in church to just about any question, without fear of ever being wrong. (Dec 2009)
> The other end of the telescope – "To us, the problems of life seem immense, but we forget that this isn't how they appear to God. To God, they are no problem!" (Jan 2009)


> The open door – A guided meditation for Advent leads to the local supermarket and some creative reflection on margarine. (Dec 2008)
> The last enemy to be destroyed is bric-a-brac – What sets us apart from the apes is bric-a-brac. (June 2008)


> The beach – A guided meditation, for use "in the sort of larger prayer meeting where everyone will treat you with the unquestioning seriousness you deserve." (Oct 2007)


> The waiting room – I thought that I might bless you with another guided meditation which you can use or adapt for your own congregation. (Advent 2006)
> Aunty nostalgia – Nostalgia, which we might define as "history after a few drinks", is increasingly a feature of our age. (Mar 2006)


> Time's fool – An episode in a graveyard reinforces the vital truth that mortality is the basis of all humour. (Oct 2005)
> I'm loathin' it – One of the more aggravating features of our age is an absurd degree of self-consciousness on the part of organizations and institutions. (May 2005)


> A time of quiet – I have decided, with a generosity of spirit befitting the season, to furnish you with all you need to lead your own guided meditation for Advent. (Dec 2004)
> The mild man of Borneo – One of my more rewarding experiences recently was to attend a "self-defence for softies" class, run for clergy (July 2004)
> First name terms – When God gives us his name, he gives us himself, and we have him; we can etch it on our hearts or nail it to a cross (Feb 2004)


> Neighbours from heaven – The theology of "place" is a rich seam of Christian theology, from the Garden of Eden to the heavenly city in Revelation (July 2003)
> Six feet under – A life that guffaws forth the news of resurrection is only possible when, like Mary, we have waited long hours by the tomb (Apr 2003)
> Big enough for the both of us – Worried about becoming a radio-controlled Christian? Blame Aristotle... (Feb 2003)


> A few short questions – I hope the Archbishop of Canterbury-elect has had a brief spell in telesales to prepare him for the wearying trial-by-ticklist he has faced in recent weeks (Nov 2002)
> Evandalism – To hardened churchgoers, talking of evangelism has a similar effect to that of mentioning a longstanding DIY job at home (Sept 2002)
> In my power – Some pretend they don't have it while others enjoy it too much... our columnist reflects on power (July 2002)
> Who soared through the air? – All in all, Ascension Day seemed a day for staying safely indoors and keeping one's pets in a tin box... (May 2002)
> All steamed up – It was an advertisement using sex to sell kettles that finally convinced me ours was a culture in its death throes... (Mar 2002)
> The pigeon of peace – Our man in the saloon emerges from a doctrinal shoot-out alive... we think (Jan 2002)


> Not praying, but sleeping – It was one of those prayer meetings where the church looks like a cross between a field hospital and an airport departure lounge... (Nov 2001)
> Into the mystic – Our columnist experiences a "growling of the soul" and considers the joys (and a narrow escape from) the monastic life (Sept 2001)
> And then we'll take over the world – The "yeastiness" of God's kingdom seems to be winning over a strategy of playing the numbers game (July 2001)
> Mighty rivers of praise – What have 30 years and a thousand choruses taught us about the place of music in Christian worship? (May 2001)
> Unoriginal sin – Lent "remains a wonderful spanner in the works of the world – a time for squaring up to sin's sad circus" (Mar 2001)
> It's trad, dad – The Church of England's new prayer book, "Common Worship", gets a bumpy reception from the "don't move the pews" brigade (Jan 2001)


> Quirk of art – Christianity and the arts make difficult bedfellows... but a new project is trying to make the experience a bit happier (Dec 2000)
strangely warmed
Strangely Warmed by Andrew Rumsey is now available as a book.
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