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Stephen Tomkins
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> Strippers and hallucinogenic church tea – Magic tea, strippers picketing a church and other inspired faith ventures (October 2010)
> And God created... vuvzelas – What's the most annoying sound ever to come out of a church? (June 2010)
> And the winner is... – Who won the contest in the most complained about bus advert? Plus other competition news (May 2010)
> The Catholic blame game – First they blamed a media conspiracy, and now the Jews. The Catholic Church's search for scapegoats in the paedophile crisis continues (April 2010)
> Licensed to sin – Do good now and you'll feel free to sin later, according to dastardly experiments in Toronto university (March 2010)


> Mass hysteria – Wafers by mail, kidnapped sacraments, and other exciting developments in the world of holy communion (June 2009)
> For sale: the hand of God – Where is God in these hard times? His hand has turned up in Idaho and is being auctioned on eBay (May 2009)
> Christians love porn, atheists love Jesus – Researchers put religion under the microscope and get some surprising results (Mar 2009)


> Gold, frankincense and a GPS tracking device – Organisers of nativity pageants in Wisconsin are being forced to cut down on their use of live camels... and other Christmas news. (Dec 2008)
>The church militant – From the slave trade to the Teletubbies, there's little that Christians do quite so well as protesting. Just a shame they're not a bit more selective. (Nov 2008)


> The ministry of lunacy – Robbers, polygamous abducters and marathon spoilers occupy our columnist this month (Apr 2005)
> Hot under the dog collar – The issues that are getting believers hot under the dog collar (Mar 2005)
> Holy litigation! – Ever felt a church owed you something for telling you that you were going to meet Jesus when you didn't? (Feb 2005)


> When Harry met Jesus – Our more excitable brethren have been warning us for years: Harry Potter leads people into witchcraft and Satanism (June 2004)
> Gory, gory, hallelujah! – Christian anti-violence campaigners explain why Mel Gibson's "The Passion" is the greatest story ever sold (Mar 2004)
> St Val's dos and don'ts – How do Christians mark the holy feast of love that is St Valentine's Day? (Feb 2004)
> The wonderful world of prayer – 73 per cent of people pray in their cars... but only 60 per cent of them believe in God (Jan 2004)


> Declaring war on Santa – Our man's roundup of religion's annual attempt to gatecrash Christmas (Dec 2003)
> Headline-grabbing saints – What have saints such as Walburga David and Bridget been getting up to this year? (Nov 2003)
> A busy month for the clergy – Knicker elastic and swipecards, home-brew and a lonely vigil at a roadsign... it's hard being clergy (March 2003)
> The world's best churches – Amazing signs of revival in churches around the world... can the rapture tarry much longer? (Feb 2003)


> Sex in the pews – Recent naughty goings-on prompt our man to assess the sexual health of the church across the world (Nov 2002)


> Talk of the Devil – A cardinal's 10-point plan to combat the Devil prompts our columnist to investigate the wiles of the Evil One (Mar 2001)


> Church vs. chocolate – The Church of England has valiantly defended the gates against... um... a chocolate maker (Dec 2000)
> By their fruitcake ye shall know them – In the absence of proof, how do you distinguish fruitcake from faith? (Oct 2000)
> Sueing for Christ – Three theologians take the Church to court for defamation of character... Jesus's character, that is. (Aug 2000)
> Profitable evangelism – A new form of evangelism in Chicago makes a direct appeal to the heart... and the wallet. (July 2000)
> Chastity begins at home – Catholic women in Kenya have been seeking satisfaction at the hands of the local police. (June 2000)
> Pray without ceasing (at 500MHz) – Computers are leading the way in an inspiring new revival in prayer. (May 2000)
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