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Struggling to find that perfect birthday gift for a loved one? Looking for something theological to impress the new minister? Look no further and prepare for blessing as we introduce you to godly gadgetry.
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180: Holy Ghost tees
holy ghost tees

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You start with the simple ones, of course. "E-Cal-A-Ma-She!" is a good one. Or, "E-Kum-Me-A Shun-Da!"

But as you grow in wisdom and maturity, you find yourself progressing onto exclamations such as: "Ro-Shum-Baa-Kaa-L-Le'-Lo-Cee", or even the towering, "Hi-Pa-Pa-A-Shun-Da!" Soon, people will recognise you for the spiritual giant you are clearly becoming.

Yes, the Day of Pentecost has finally dawned on the humble t-shirt. HolyGhostTees of New York have splashed some of the most happening and holy instances of speaking in tongues on their designer t-shirts. Sadly, my own favourite praise phrase, "She-come-on-a-Honda" isn't among them, but I'm praying they'll be including it in the next printing.

Thrillingly, the website explains the background to each phrase. "Hi-Pa-Pa-A-Shun-Da", for example, is "spoken with a level of authority or urgency. The power of this phrase is a Pilgrim of inspiration from Apostles, Bishops, Prophets, & Prophetess, Evangelists, Ministers, Preachers, etc." O...K... a bit incomprehensible, but that's the point of it all, isn't it?

HolyGhostTees are just $37 each. Click here to order! (Sadly, the HolyGhostTees website has now been turned into an, er, rather specialist dating thing, but you can find an archive version here.)

Thanks to Drew Smith for discovering HolyGhostTees

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