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The wondrous world of holy hardware
Struggling to find that perfect birthday gift for a loved one? Looking for something theological to impress the new minister? Look no further and prepare for blessing as we introduce you to godly gadgetry.
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211: Da Vinci-style cilice
da vinci-style cilice
Since God is punishing the nation for watching too much Who Wants to be a Millionaire, why not give Him a hand by punishing yourself? If you thought Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code made up that bit about the weird monk torturing himself with a spiky metal belt strapped to his bloody thigh, here's the real thing... click here for an alarming close-up.

You'd think that sado-masochism would be counted as a pretty big sin among Catholics, but this baby proves otherwise – it's apparently a positive virtue to wear one and "mortify the flesh". Which is great news for BDSM enthusiasts everywhere. This particular cilice is lovingly crafted by Italian nuns, just for that extra frisson of warped sexiness.

Feel the burn for just $89. As worn by Mel Gibson on the set of
The Passion of the Christ. Buy yours here!
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