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Welcome to the Ship of Fools discussion boards. Please bookmark this page. If you're registered with the boards but are having trouble posting, please contact us here. We're currently running two types of board. Our five main boards are open to everyone for reading, and if you'd like to join in discussion and start posting your own messages, you can register for a small yearly subscription. Follow this link to register. These boards are...
  • Heaven – news, trivia, experiments, creative writing, tangents
  • Purgatory – our serious debate and discussion board
  • Hell – ranting and disputes, where the heat is turned up
  • All Saints – prayers, plans, chat and reports about Crew Meets
  • The Styx – general and technical questions about SOF
We're also running five open-access boards (where posting is for free!), plus the Ship of Fools Cafe...
  • Urban Myths – info-sharing and questions on religious Urban Myths
  • The Mystery Worshipper – talkback on our spot-checks of church services
  • Your E-pistles – the Ship of Fools letters page, for issues raised onsite and off
  • Small Fire – discussion on the issues surrounding alternative worship
  • Rant of the Month – chewing over our current Rant
  • Ship of Fools Cafe – live chat, public and private rooms.
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