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The 12 Days of Kitschmas
6: HolyGhostTees
holyghost tees
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Click here to see another righteous tee.

You start with the simple ones, of course. "E-Cal-A-Ma-She!" is a good one. Or, "E-Kum-Me-A Shun-Da!"

But as you grow in wisdom and maturity, you find yourself progressing onto exclamations such as: "Ro-Shum-Baa-Kaa-L-Le'-Lo-Cee", or even the towering, "Hi-Pa-Pa-A-Shun-Da!" Soon, people will recognise you for the spiritual giant you are clearly becoming.

Yes, the Day of Pentecost has finally dawned on the humble t-shirt. HolyGhostTees of New York have splashed some of the most happening and holy instances of speaking in tongues on their designer t-shirts. Sadly, my own favourite praise phrase, "She-come-on-a-Honda" isn't among them, but I'm praying they'll be including it in the next printing.

Thrillingly, the website explains the background to each phrase. "Hi-Pa-Pa-A-Shun-Da", for example, is "spoken with a level of authority or urgency. The power of this phrase is a Pilgrim of inspiration from Apostles, Bishops, Prophets, & Prophetess, Evangelists, Ministers, Preachers, etc." O...K... a bit incomprehensible, but that's the point of it all, isn't it?

HolyGhostTees are just $37 each. Click here to order!

Thanks to Drew Smith for discovering HolyGhostTees
t-shirt cartoon by taffy
Cartoon by Taffy
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