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Jesus and Jellied Eels
Gumbel, Millar and ChartresIT'S ONE giant leap from Gin and Jag to Chas 'n' Dave, but God's gaffers, Sandy Millar and Nicky Gumbel, recently joined Rt Rev Richard Chartres, Bishop of London, to launch Beta – the working-class version of the Alpha Course. 'It's farewell pasta, 'ow do pie 'n' mash,' explains Nicky. Click here for a Ship of Fools report on Jesus in jellied eel land.

Kingdom of Red Noses
Gethin Russell-Jones celebrates the launch of Ship of Fools with a giddy exploration into the divine folly of the Almighty Holy Roller. Read on inside

Gadgets for God
Hit this to find out about the shoe insoles impregnated with the soil of Jerusalem, so that your feet 'are always walking on holy ground…

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