Andrew Walker: Epistles of Straw

Here are all the Epistles of Straw by Andrew Walker, with the most recent columns at the top...

  • The true tragedy of creationism – While creationists pour money into pseudo-science, they fail to see the urgent theological, scientific and ethical issues of the day. (Dec 2001)
  • Learning to love America – The tragic events of September 11th have forced Europeans to examine their feelings about America. (Oct 2001)
  • The other Zionism – The Palestinians are hamstrung not just by history and western-backed Israel, but also by conservative Christians who see them as pawns in an unfolding prophetic drama. (Nov 2000)
  • A to-die-for sort of faith – With the Jehovah's Witnesses in turmoil over blood transfusions, what kind of faith do we consider extremist? (July 2000)
  • Second time around – The Church of England is considering a new report on marriage and divorce – but has it got it right? (June 2000)
  • Faith in Fatima – In a striking non-event, the Vatican unveils the "third secret of Fatima". (May 2000)

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